Bio-feedback Technology


HeartMath SA have technology available for personal use as well as for HealthCare professionals to utilise in their practice with their clients.

This award – winning technology measures Heart Rate Variability and is widely used in education and has proven to enhance learning, performance and behaviour in the education sector.

The biofeedback technology is not imperative for learning the techniques or to apply them. You can learn and benefit from the techniques and awareness without it. It does however provide a wonderful insight in to your physiological state and is powerful when learning how coherence looks and feels in your body, compared to incoherence (i.e. imbalance in your nervous and hormonal system).

The technology is an innovative approach to improving wellness & performance through Heart-Rate Variability training, education and self-monitoring.

Clients use the personal devices (Inner Balance Trainer or emWave 2):

  • while practicing the techniques and building coherence and resilience
  • to help become coherent in preparing for test / exams or big challenging situations
  • for calming the nervous system down after stressful incidents and to help become more coherent
  • to find ease and calm at the onset of an anxiety attack
  • to help fall asleep and have better quality sleep


The professional bio-feedback technology (emWave Pro) is also used for the above, but has enhanced features that gives more physiological data, it can store data and sessions for multiple users and has games. This device is useful for schools with many users, HealthCare professionals with different clients and coaches and trainers.

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