Who can BENEFIT?

  • Students with performance anxiety in test taking, sports, or public presentations
  • Students needing greater management of stress, anxiety, and anger
  • Teachers who are fatigued or stressed
  • Teachers teaching key concepts in health, physiology and biology classes
  • School counselors, Social Workers, educational psychologists
  • Administrators and staff who are fatigued or stressed
  • Tutors and coaches
  • Even the parents will find the self regulation tools very helpful for themselves, as well as for when trying to calm their children.
HeartMath benefits

Transform stress into resilience.


Emotions play a critical role in learning and test performance. Learning these tools will help manage anxiety, improve academic focus and improve memory recall. Students have reported feeling calmer, more at ease and more positive before and during exams.

The additional option of biofeedback technology provides students with real time feedback on their internal experience which becomes an engaging and compelling way to understand how their emotions impact their physiology and ability to perform.

Improved performance
  • better problem solving
  • improved reading comprehension
  • higher achievement in test/ exams
  • improved math, literacy and social studies
  • improved learning  skills
  • higher-level reasoning strategies
Improved behaviours
  • improved attention and retention
  • better decision making
  • more class participation
  • lower absenteeism
  • reduced aggression and disruptions
  • staying on track to matriculate
Improved attitudes
  • more positive attitudes
  • higher academic motivation
  • better understanding of consequences
  • better ability to cope with school and home stressors
  • get along better with peers
  • reduced stress and improved resilience

Feel more positive, confident and energised.


Teachers use the HeartMath tools and technology for their personal use, to help the children they teach with performance and to address behaviour management issues. A teacher who is able to self regulate and remain calm while teaching will have more be more resilient, energy and feel less stress. This will give them the tools to be the best teacher they can be.

  • Think more clearly and make smarter decisions especially under pressure
  • Improved communication with staff, learners and parents
  • Increased resilience and improved health overall
  • Reduced stress and absenteeism
  • Improved performance and career longevity
  • Increased vitality and well-being while transforming physiological responses to stress into resilience
  • Improved classroom climate and overall learning environment
  • Additional techniques to address behavioural issues

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