Ugie - School Holiday Programme, 2015  

There was a great response from the students (grades 10-12) when learning how they can transform their stress. They became aware of the impact their emotions have on their physiology, levels of energy, resilience, behaviour and performance.

Each session experienced a shift once the attendees learnt about the “E+R=O formula” (Event + Response = Outcome). Being mindful that we cannot initially control our environment, but we can control our response, which will impact the outcome.

Some comments from the learners include (note, English is 2nd or 3rd language):

  • "It was surprising to find out how breathing is a weapon to control my emotions"
  • "It was surprising the feeling I had after breathing, I felt calm"
  • "We were surprised by the fact that our brains work effectively after doing these techniques"
  • "I learnt that breathing can control my stress"
  • "It was new to learn how easily I can deal with my stress"