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SUPER student

Students today have more anxiety than ever and deal with very difficult challenges in and outside of the school / college environment. While we can’t protect you from life or the changes taking place in society, we CAN teach you to create self-security from the inside-out and to better deal with whatever comes you way.

In this stage of your life you are continuously striving to establish your own identities while exerting yourselves to perform academically, athletically, culturally and of course socially. Learning to self regulate and how to feel more in control of your emotions and behaviour from a younger age, can not only improve your marks, but it will have wonderful transferable skills for the rest of your lives.

Consistent practice of the HeartMath techniques can make a profound difference to how you manage the challenges of school, life and growing up.

These skills will set you above the rest while navigating your way through life.

The sooner you learn


the lessons found in the


practice of HeartMath,


the better.

stress free exams

Beat Stress for Exam Success


beat exam stress

Based on the scientifically validated HeartMath system of techniques & technologies that will help you transform your stress & anxiety into calm, confidence & ease to do your best in exams, sports & anything else you do.

In the workshop programme you will:
  • identify your body’s stress warning signals
  • uncover your causes of stress at exam time and in general
  • learn how stress negatively impacts performance
  • learn how the heart, brain and body affect performance
  • discover how your emotions impact your body
  • learn how to build your resilience
  • learn simple techniques and see how it improves how you feel with biofeedback technology and games
  • learn how to apply the techniques in the moment, all the time


Beat Exam Stress is Powered by HeartMath SA