Tools to be a Resilient Teacher

Being a teacher comes with more stressors than one can imagine. Not only are you striving to develop and look after other parents’ children, you are also leading your own busy lives. These demands are exhausting on their own and if you don’t learn skills to help cope with your daily stress, overwhelm, fatigue, health issues and breakdown will be your fate.

This is greatly undesirable especially for the children you are teaching, guiding and mentoring. The techniques learnt in this workshop will give you the skills to self regulate in the moments when you need it most, and will build your resilience to not only perform as a teacher and/or parent, but also model desirable emotionally intelligent behaviours for the children in your life. 

Practicing the HeartMath skills will give you more energy, you will feel lighter and be more positive.
You will be the best teacher you can be.
calm teacher

The Resilient Teacher programme

3 x 2 hr group sessions
1 x 1 hr one-on-one coaching session

Programme content

  • Understanding stress
  • Understanding how our emotions affect our bodies
  • Benefits of coherence and building resilience
  • Power of your heart and brain relationship
  • Creating calm within our bodies
  • How to experience the world around us differently
  • How to have more control of emotions and behaviour
  • Three techniques practiced with bio-feedback technology and games

The Resilient Teacher introduction

1 x 2 hr group session


Condensed version of The Resilient Teacher programme and will touch on key factors important to understanding how stress and emotions impact your physiology and ability to think. You will learn a key technique is taught and practiced with guidelines on how to apply to give you the edge you need every day.


Teacher Benefits

Ability to self regulate when needed
Consciously create calm & ease internally
Improved classroom climate & overall learning environment
Improved communication with staff, learners & parents
Think more clearly & make smarter decisions especially under pressure
Increased resilience & energy
Reduced stress & absenteeism
Improved performance & career longevity
Reduced cortisol release in body
Increased vitality & well-being

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