Pressure article written by Michele Frew, Certified HeartMath Coach and Trainer


Do you feel a sense of overwhelm, pressure, feeling like you are not measuring up or achieving the goals you’ve set yourself?


Perhaps it is time to STOP, BREATHE and take stock of where you are, how much you actually are doing on a daily basis and ACKNOWLEDGE what you have already done or achieved?

The pressures we face today are not only time-based (too much to do, too little time), but often include a sense of needing to achieve at a certain level, in all areas of our lives.  If you feel like you are chasing your tail and not getting on top of all you have to do, then perhaps doing a little ‘stock-take’ may be in order?

Sometimes “good enough” is ok

Sometimes just getting through a busy day, meeting the deadlines for that day or meeting the needs of those around you and perhaps a couple of your own needs, should be regarded as ‘enough’.  Maybe we need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves and accept that ‘good enough’ is okay, at least for some days?

If we make a decision to stop doing or being busy, or ticking off everything we have to get through and choose to do something that makes us ‘feel good’ (eg. listen to music or meditate) it can give us an opportunity to focus our attention inside, in the area of our heart.  Then if we breathe deeply and rhythmically, we may find that our busy, critical mind quietens.


As we continue to breathe, we may gain perspective and a sense of appreciation for all the blessings we do have; for all that we have achieved and the ‘big picture’ may emerge.  In that moment, we know that what we are doing is enough.

Keep dreaming big but take small steps to get where you are going and remind yourself, “I am enough” (Marisa Peer)1.


Mindset, Heartset, Gratitude

Robin Sharma2 (author of The Leader Who Had No Title) reminds us that creating the right mindset, heartset and a sense of true gratitude can transform our lives.


  • What if you decided that what you’ve achieved today is enough?
  • What if you chose to focus your attention on your heart and just breathed deeply through your day?
  • What if you really felt a sense of gratitude and appreciation for all you do and all you have?
  • How would your day be different?
  • How would you feel – about yourself and about your life?
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