Did you know…


  • You have a choice in how you want to feel about about your exams
  • You can be in control of your emotions & behaviour
  • Your heart has a bigger role to play than just pump blood
  • You can create calm in the chaos
  • There is 90% communication going from your heart to brain & only 10% from your brain to body
  • Anxiety & fear impacts your ability to think clearly
  • You can improve your resilience & have more energy for your day
  • Your emotions create a special heart rhythm pattern that communications with your brain
  • Your emotions drive your physiology
  • You can increase your Heart Rate Variability
  • Cortisol is released when you feel depleting emotions such as anxiety frustration, anger, fear and depression
  • Too much cortisol is bad for you
  • Emotions such as confidence, pride, love and appreciation improve our coherence & ability to perform.

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