Ceder Crest Nursery School

Statement from Principal, June 2015

“For a long time we have been struggling with issues such as absenteeism and interpersonal relationship challenges amongst staff. Regarding the children, temper tantrums and behavioural issues were ongoing and sometimes unmanageable.

HeartMath has turned this around for us in the most amazing way. Since the staff have been coached and are practising the techniques, absenteeism has reduced by approximately 70% and everyone is more tolerant of each other. Relationships have improved and everyone is more cheerful.

The more consistently the techniques are practised the more resilient the staff become and this enables them to cope with stressful situations and recover from them quicker. It does take practice and our staff have committed to practicing the techniques for 10 minutes every day, this has made a huge difference in the tone of the school.

School is a happier place and the children are being managed from a more coherent space, which has impacted their behaviour very positively.

In the past, I dealt with 2-3 temper tantrums a day, I now hardly ever deal with temper tantrums. The children are calmer and are able to regulate their own emotions so much better , since we have started exposing them to breathing and identifying how they feel and what makes them happy or sad.

We have seen such a phenomenal change all around. We have introduced many things in the past, but nothing has had the impact that HeartMath has had.

As the staff started to see positive results in their classes, they were more encouraged to practice the techniques consistently. We have also recently introduced the techniques to the parents and look forward to assisting them to experience what we have.

HeartMath has taught us to build resilience to stress and create a more easy environment in which the children and teachers can thrive.”

School is a happier place and the children are being managed from a more coherent space, which has impacted their behaviour very positively.

Statements from teachers, 2015

  • It can be very overwhelming dealing with 16 children’s temper tantrums. Since I started practicing the Quick Coherence techniques I have been able to deal with tantrums thinking more clearly and this has resulted in better problem solving.
  • Dealing with children can be overwhelming. Before I learnt the HeartMath techniques, it was difficult to keep a cool head in challenging situations, but now because of the HeartMath techniques I use, its amazing how I have greater flexibility and can make better choices. HeartMath has definitely changed how I deal with situations every day.
  • It is amazing to know that how I am feeling can have an impact on the little ones. Using HeartMath techniques everyday has definitely changed the energy in our class. The little ones listen and sit nicely when asked compared to the days when I am not at ease. The InnerEase Technique always helps me remember I don’t have to give into depleting emotions such as anxiety and impatience, especially when dealing with children.
  • A child in my class used to cry every morning at drop off, she struggles with separation anxiety. I became anxious about drop off time and I felt overwhelmed in helping the chid to settle and separate easily from the mom. After learning the HeartMath techniques, I have found that I am no longer anxious. I can find that place of ease. Now when the child arrives, she in turn feeds off my ease rather than my anxiety. Drop offs have become a lot easier with this child since I have made this shift.
  • I have a child who cries every morning. One particular morning he was crying so much it was hard for me to sit at the breakfast table with him. I was getting frustrated and it was one of those energy draining moments for me. I quickly picked him up and went to the class where I sat with him and started breathing ease (a HeartMath technique). He calmed down immediately which was amazing because he never used to calm down easily. HeartMath has given me tools to act consciously, rather than react by repeating the same stress patterns.
  • Children strive with visual stimulations, this allows their imaginations to strengthen. I used visualisations to help my children breath in the correct way. We all blow up balloons and imagined our hearts and tummies filling up like balloons and when we breath out, the balloons deflate. They loved the visual and were able to relate to the heart focused breathing technique in a more fun way on their own level. We are now able to breathe towards coherence together every morning.
  • I had done my breathing on the emWave one morning and was coherent. We were in the fantasy room and two girls started fighting. These two always seem to fight. I took them both aside and asked them to sit with me. I started breathing and focused on inner ease. I spoke to them after I was done and they hugged each other afterwards. They played together for the rest of the day and now fighting between them is a thing of the past.
  • I have a little boy who was very out of sorts one day. Nothing I did calmed him down. I decided to take him aside and hook him up to the emWave technology. At first it was 100% red (low coherence), but as we breathed he moved in to the green (high coherence). We ended up with him being 36% in the green. I believe this was achieved by radiating my coherence to him and helping him to have that feeling of ease. On returning to the class he was calm and enjoyed the rest of his day peacefully and happily.
  • I have a very sensitive, emotional little girl in my class. I always have to think about how I manage her. Since I now know how to achieve coherence, I have been able to create a more happy and harmonious environment in which she now thrives.
  • Through our daily morning heart focused breathing in class, we all start our day in a positive place together. Setting a coherent tone changes the atmosphere in the class and assists in reducing temper tantrums.
  • I find that when I feel frustrated, anxious or annoyed the class tends to be very rowdy and unsettled. When I practice the techniques and am coherent, the children have a better level of concentration and I am better able to deal with the disruptive behaviour. This increases the quality of learning.
  • Taking care of a full class of children can sometimes be very stressful. Especially when all of them want your attention all the time and sometimes at the same time. HeartMath has helped me deal better with situations and incidents. I am more aware of how I am feeling. Every situation and incident is different, so I just practice quick coherence, to shift and it lets me deal with incidents more effectively. I am less anxious and I am becoming more confident by practicing the techniques.

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