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Our Promise


Make better decisions, have more energy and improve performance
in whatever it is you are doing.

Students of all ages will learn skills to cope with the stress and anxieties that come with prepping for and writing exams.
Teachers across all grades will learn skills to be more resilient to cope with the demands of being a teacher.

The goal is to feel less overwhelmed and find the calm to perform better in exams, in school or as a teacher and still have energy to deal with what ever comes next!

Get the edge you need to enhance your performance in exams, sports and life in general. These skills will set you above the rest while navigating your way through life.
Create calm and ease in your busy day to give you more energy and perform better as a teacher. These skills will help you be the best teacher you can be to your special students.
Find the calm and clarity you need to help your children navigate their way through the challenges of school, life and growing up.
exam anxiety

HeartMath CAN help!


Self regulation techniques you can use on the go and no one has to know you are using them.

HeartMath uses simple yet effective breathing and positive emotion techniques – support by biofeedback technology – that help you beat stress and improve your performance not only in your exams, but in your sport and life too.

Success Stories


We have seen such a phenomenal change all around.

We have introduced many things in the past, but nothing has had the impact that HeartMath has had. HeartMath has taught us to build resilience to stress and create a more easy environment in which the children and teachers can thrive.


Alice Ashwell
HeartMath Coach

The students all reported an improvement in their attitude towards and ability to study for and write exams. The HeartMath techniques enabled them to calm themselves and release stress before, during and after exams. This had helped them to study, focus (concentrate), think, remember what they had learnt, work more efficiently…


Nursery School

Dealing with children can be overwhelming. Before I learnt the HeartMath techniques, it was difficult to keep a cool head in challenging situations, but now because of the HeartMath techniques I use, its amazing how I have greater flexibility and can make better choices. HeartMath has definitely changed how I deal with situations every day.


HeartMath South Africa

HeartMath SA is dedicated to improving health, performance and well-being at home and in the workplace. Our mission is to uplift and transform the hearts and lives of South Africans through learning simple emotional self-regulation techniques which ultimately build and sustain resilience. We provide products, training and consulting services that build happy and resilient individuals, teams and organisations. Visit our website for more information.

Samantha Kitshoff

Samantha is a Certified Coach and Trainer, has a psychology background and manages the education and families sector for HeartMath South Africa. Her dream is to reach as many students, teachers and parents as possible with HeartMath SA. The goal is to improve awareness of the power of our hearts and to help build individual and social coherence to boost resilience and overall performance. 

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